Parfum Fragrance Dropper


    Choose from either 3 parfum fragrances

    Egyptian Musk                                  
    This scent is just simply seductive, musky and sexy.

    Top Notes:       Ginger, Bergamot
    Middle:             Orchid, Heliotrope
    Base                 Patchouli, Musk

    Egyptian Amber
    A rich exotic scent that is luxurious, slightly floral yet lends itself perfectly to suit any environment due to it’s rich amber notes.

    Top Notes:       Orange, Grapefruit
    Middle:             Jasmine, Lavender
    Base:                Vanilla, Sandalwood

    Additional unique notes of balsam, copaiba & cyclamen

     Black Orchid & Ginger
    A seductive enchanting scent which perfectly blends with patchouli & musky

    Top Notes:       Pomelo, Lime
    Middle:             Dandelion, Red Rose
    Base:                Myrrh, Musk

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